Winegrowers – winemakers – wine producers

The largest wine producers in the region

Most Austrians buy the Austrian wine they consume from the grocery store. Very few are aware that there is a high probability that wine from the so-called big players in the wine industry has ended up in the shopping cart. Winegrowers, winemakers, wine producers – here are the largest wine producers in the country.

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Winegrowers – winemakers – wine producers

Every third bottle of quality wine comes from the cellar of one of the ten largest bottlers in Austria. It can therefore be assumed that these cellar masters are responsible for the taste of the Austrian varieties. The market is very concentrated. The number of bottlers will decrease more and more in the future. On the one hand, this development means that more and more micro and small producers are disappearing from the market. On the other hand, the number of large wineries is increasing rapidly. Export is also playing an increasingly important role. The group of export-relevant wine producers has increased from 1,000 to more than 1,500.

If you ask yourself who the country’s largest wine traders are, you might come across names like Manfred Tement or Willi Bründlmayer. However, the real decision makers are not so obvious. They are the chief wine buyers of the large grocery chains and discount stores. Wine producers are reluctant to use the words Spar, Rewe or Hofer, but many hope that these will be listed well because they are the most important players on the market.

Wine producers – the biggest

  • Lenz Moser – 17 million bottles from Austria
    • brands: Lenz Moser, Servus, Storch, Alter Knabe, Pfiffikus, Fête Rosé
  • Wegenstein – 12 million bottles from Austria
    • brands: Wegenstein, Trend, Edition Austria, Reserve, Feinstein and Sonntag
  • Schloss Fels – 10 million bottles (51% from Austria)
    • Brands: Schloss Fels winery and Schloss Fels winery, Feine Rebe Austria, cellar master, Sonnleiten Weingut
  • Aigner Weine – 9 million bottles (95% from Austria)
  • A. & M. Toifl winery – 8 million bottles (95 % from Austria)
  • Winzer Krems – 7 to 8 million bottles, 100% from Austria
    • Brands: Weinmanufaktur Krems, Sandgrube 13, Kremser Schmidt


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