White tigers found in Austria!

White tigers? Yes, they really do exist, the white tigers, even in Austria. In the jungle, the animals would be too conspicuous, the tigers could not camouflage themselves and therefore could not survive.

Zwei weiße Tiger im Tierpark Kernhof
weiße Tiger © Zr

White tigers in Austria

The Kernel Camel Theater & White Zoo is located in Kernhof, Lower Austria. In this extraordinary zoo, endangered animals and animal species are preserved. The zoo and the animals’ living space are secured by sponsorships and donations or by the income from the zoo business.

The white tigers can be visited during the stay in the zoo. In the area of adult animals there is the possibility to observe a male and a female. Furthermore, depending on whether there are any offspring, you can also look at one or the other tiger cub. In the past few years it has been successful several times to get offspring and to be able to visit baby tigers.

Kernhof Zoo – Kernhof Tierpark

It is advisable to plan a few hours for this zoo. There are several program items such as the camel theater, but also the possibilities to go to a lookout point within the zoo. If you ever go to this region, then you should treat yourself to this too.

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