Unicorn found – unicorns in Austria

The unicorn is a mythical creature with a straight horn on its forehead, but these creatures are mentioned in ancient times or unicorns are more popular than ever. On the one hand it is the noblest of all mythical animals, on the other hand this “animal” was used as a symbol for the good. Many coats of arms from noble families, pharmacies, to catering establishments still use the depiction of a head with a horn or the entire mythical creature.

Unicorn and unicorns in austria

Grafik eines Einhorns
Einhorn CC0 Pixabay

Unicorn cave in the Vienna Alps

The unicorn cave is located in the Hohe Wand Nature Park, south of Vienna. Known locally as the Hirnflitzsteinhöhle or Oakirnlucke, it can be reached from the Dreistetten location via hiking trails in about 20 minutes. The cave was originally discovered in 1927 and a show cave was opened in 1930. Guided tours are offered on Sundays and public holidays from Easter to the end of September. Stalactites can be admired.

The Einhorn Brewery Fohrenburg

The Fohrenburg brewery was founded in 1881, using the unicorn as a trademark. In connection with the brewery, this not only stands for “good” but also for uniqueness, purity and strength.

Unicorns as heraldic animals

In connection with the coat of arms there are unicorns, for example, in the coat of arms of the following municipalities and locations: Bludenz in Vorarlberg, Seefeld in Tirol, Perg in Upper Austria, Mills near Hall in Tirol,

The “Ainkhürn” (unicorn)

Ainkhürn, a tusk of a nar selection, was previously thought to have magical abilities. Among other things, this “horn” poison should be able to neutralize and therefore drinking vessels were previously made of narwhal ivory.

A narwhal tooth with a length of 243 cm from the 16th century can be admired in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. The object is exhibited in the Imperial Treasury.

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