Round trip Salzkammergut – travel tips Salzkammergut

Even the emperor knew about the beauty of the Salzkammergut and loved spending the summer months here. Mighty mountains, glittering lakes and extensive forests sound as if you were part of a fairy tale. There are a number of great excursion destinations in the Salzkammergut, we have collected some of the Salzkammergut excursion tips here.

Blick auf St. Wolfgang und den See
Wolfgangsee CC0 Pixabay

Round trip – travel tips Salzkammergut

From Fuschlsee to St. Gilgen

A four-hour tour through the Salzkammergut leads visitors to the most beautiful and popular places in the area. One of the first stops after the departure in the city of Mozart is the Fuschlsee with its castle. In earlier times the building was used as a hunting lodge by the prince archbishops of Salzburg. Today it was turned into a luxury hotel. After enjoying the special flair of the castle, we continue to the “Mozart Village” St. Gilgen. Anna Maria Pertl, Mozart’s mother, was born here. The house was later also inhabited by a family member, namely Mozart’s sister Nannerl.

Picturesque boat trip across Lake Wolfgang

A very special highlight is the boat trip across Lake Wolfgang. This is offered from May to October. The participants of the tour are brought by boat from St. Gilgen to St. Wolfgang. Once there, there is nothing standing in the way of visiting the pilgrimage church with its Gothic-style winged altar. The place also gained fame as a film set in the “Weißen Rössl”.

Mondsee as the crowning end of the tour

Before going back to Salzburg there are further stops at Krottensee with Hüttenstein Castle and Mondsee. The Krottensee is a small mountain lake between the Mondsee and the Wolfgangsee and the Hüttenstein Castle lies at the foot of the Schafberg. The Mondsee offers an indescribably beautiful view. Lovers of the “Sound of Music” film will love the Mondsee Abbey because it reminds them of the wedding scene with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

das Wasserschloss mit einer Wasserfontäne

Hellbrunn Palace – pleasure palace with water features

Hotel Salzburg inner City

Hotel Altstadt Salzburg – a unique historical atmosphere