Nikolaihof – the oldest winery in Austria

With almost 2,000 years of history, Nikolaihof Wachau is one of the oldest wineries in Austria. The winery is one of the first internationally, which is managed according to bio-dynamic guidelines. The wine cellar, the farm shop, the wine bar and the vineyards invite you to linger.

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Nikolaihof Mautern – Wachau

The Nikolaihof Wachau gives special strength to the people who visit. The winery has been owned by the Saahs family since 1894. This farms the farm according to Demeter guidelines. The Demeter principle means that as much strength and energy as possible is put into the wine. The aim of the winery is to intervene as little as possible in the cycle of nature. No pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers or other sprays are used in viticulture. Instead, the Nikolaihof relies on natural substances such as nettle slurry, valerian drops or horsetail tea.

Detour into history

The history of the farm is almost two thousand years old. The foundations of the courtyard go back to the Roman fort of Favianis in AD 63. In the court association of the Nikolaihof there are remains of the early Christian Agapitus basilica. The former Freihof was first mentioned in documents in 1075 as the central seat of the estate administration of the Passauer Stift St. Nikola. The chapel, which is located in the courtyard, was built by the Augustinian canons of the St. Nikola Abbey. Many of the building elements of today’s courtyard date from the 15th century, but there are still remains of the old Roman fortifications everywhere. A tour of the courtyard also takes you on a journey through time through the ages.

Winegrower – vineyards, parlor and guest house

The Winzerhof is located in a region that is perfect for viticulture. The Wachau has the most beautiful river landscapes in Europe and is the place of origin of the best white wines worldwide. The vineyards in the best location promise top quality wine and maturity. Mild air currents are ideal for ripening Riesling, Veltliner or Gelb Muskateller grapes. The landlord personally observes, tests and tastes the grapes, creating a close bond between people and nature.

When the grapes are ripe they go to the historical wine cellar. When ripening, it is important for the owners of the farm to intervene as little as possible and to make nature easy. After careful pressing, the wines ferment on their own yeast. As a result, the different character develops. Each wine is stored in the wine cellar until it has achieved the optimal result.

A glass of wine can be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere in the wine bar. The rooms of the wine bar enchant with their different atmosphere. The rooms also offer ideal conditions for a company party, birthdays or weddings. An overnight stay is also provided. The ad vineas guest house impresses with its quiet location and is only a few minutes’ walk from Nikolaihof Wachau.

Wine tasting and shipping – from the farm shop to the wider world

Traditional to very special products can be purchased in the farm shop. For example, the owner family has created its own cookbook. Since the beginning of 2016, the family has also been producing natural cosmetics based on biodynamic raw materials. However, the house wine is not only available locally. Around 70 percent of the wines are delivered to over 35 countries worldwide, including the United States, Japan, Italy and Australia.

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Eisriesenwelt Werfen – gigantic ice cave

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